Oracle has changed its licensing and subscription model for Oracle’s Java. For Java™ 8 or 11+, you will now need to choose one of the following options:

  1. Stay on an unsupported/insecure version of Java™
  2. Pay Oracle a subscription fee for Oracle JDK / Java™
  3. Use a drop-in OpenJDK™ distribution and get free LTS binaries for 5+ years!

The jClarity team co-founded AdoptOpenJDK which is the free ($ and usage) OpenJDK distribution replacement for Oracle’s Java backed by major vendors such as Amazon, Azul, GoDaddy, IBM, Microsoft, Pivotal, Red Hat, SAP, and many others.

Rock Solid AdoptOpenJDK / Java™ Support


Long pauses? Memory leaks?


Censum intelligently extracts meaningful answers from the complex Java™ (JVM) Garbage Collection (GC) sub-system.

  • Finds optimal JVM GC settings
  • Provides plain answers
  • Analyses in seconds
  • Parses any GC log, Java 6-11+!

Censum as a Service

 Java memory problems at scale?


Censum as a Service monitors unlimited JVMs with alerts, live views & analysis. jClarity offer expert human analysis.

  • Finds optimal JVM GC settings
  • Provides plain answers
  • Real-time analysis & alerts
  • Parses any GC log, Java 6-8!


 Application performance issues?


Illuminate, the world’s 1st performance diagnostic engine to use Machine Learning to help you fix issues!

  • Finds solutions to performance issues
  • Plain answers & guided fixes
  • Real-time analysis & alerts
  • Machine-learning algorithms