Illuminate Pro

$119.00 / month

Have that sinking feeling because your app has performance issues? Illuminate tells you what the problem is and how to fix it!

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World’s first performance diagnostic engine for Java™/JVM applications. Tells you what the problem is and how to fix it!

  • Finds the problem in seconds!
  • Gives guidance on fixes
  • Collects and ships minimal data
  • Trivial to install and configure
  • Custom SLAs for important txns
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  • Looking for the Enterprise version?
  • Have an environment that scales dynamically during slow times and peak times?

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Additional information

Free Upgrades

Free upgrades throughout, includes Censum as a Service


Secure jClarity hosted service at


Unlimited historical analysis

Diagnosis Trigger

Automatic based on your chosen business metrics

O/S Support

All Linux distros (kernel 2.6.0+)

Java/JVM Support

Sun/Oracle/OpenJDK JVMs

JVM Language Support

All JVM languages


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