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Censum as a Service – Garbage Collection Log Analyser at massive scale – Goodbye Memory Leaks and Long Pause Times.

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The world’s leading GC / memory diagnostic tool for Java™/JVM applications. Tells you what the problem is and how to fix it!

  • Monitor 100s/1000s+ of JVMs in a lightweight manner!
  • Get alerts for JVMs that have memory issues.
  • Find and remove long pauses, low throughput, memory leaks and more.
  • Get accurate JVM sizings for capacity planning.
  • Deep analytics and metrics on all GC activity, all Hotspot collectors supported (G1, CMS, Parallel etc).
  • Get FREE support directly from our engineering team.
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Additional information

Free Upgrades

Free upgrades throughout


Secure jClarity hosted service at https://dashboard.jclarity.com


Limited to 14-days historical analysis

O/S Support

All Linux distros (kernel 2.6.0+)

Java/JVM Support

Sun/Oracle/OpenJDK JVMs 1.4-8

JVM Language Support

All JVM languages


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