Long pauses? Memory leaks?

Java memory problems at scale?

Application isn’t performing well?

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  • jClarity has been instrumental in solving some of KAYAK's biggest garbage collection problems. Kirk, Martijn, and team have helped us identify and fix problems that go beyond just sizing the heap.

    They've helped us identify and fix application behavior that's been the root cause for some of our worst stop-the-world GC pauses. KAYAK has a diverse set of Java services and Censum has given us unmatched insight into the garbage collection behavior of our biggest applications.

    We've been able to quickly visualize the effect of both application code changes and GC configuration changes.

    Derek Young (SVP Chief Architect) Kayak
  • jClarity's monitoring services and products – together with their training and technical input – have greatly improved our visibility into the performance of our Java applications.

    Aside from just being a supplier they are proactive in helping us improve the performance and stability of our apps and are a valued partner in making sure our site maintains the high degree of availability and performance people expect from it.

    Tim Harding (VP Operations) Rightmove

Why you should use JClarity_customer_logo

Built for the Cloud

jClarity solves performance problems in cloud environments. It is simple to roll out and is designed to work with cloud architectures.


Transitioning to the cloud? Use jClarity to solve performance problems in the enterprise today!

Increase up-time and revenue

Even small performance problems means lost customers and lost revenue, as well as increased data center and hosting costs!


Immediately see what the problem is in plain English, along with suggested solutions.

Light-weight, low-impact

jClarity is there to solve performance problems, not add to them! Thanks to its Machine Learning, it is an extremely low impact tool that is dormant by default.


It doesn’t waste your resources, only activating for a few seconds when a diagnosis is requested.

Long pauses? Memory leaks?

Java memory problems at scale?

Application isn’t performing well?