Goodbye Java™/JVM Performance Problems.

Ever had that sinking feeling when your application has performance problems?

Illuminate is the world’s first performance diagnostic engine, which use Machine Learning techniques to tell you what the problem is and how to fix it!

  • Finds the problem in seconds!
  • Gives guidance on fixes
  • Collects and ships minimal data
  • Trivial to install and configure
  • Custom SLAs for important txns
  • For Sun/Oracle’s/OpenJDK JVMs
  • Supports all JVM languages
  • Use in Production/QA/Dev
  • Secure public SaaS cloud service
  • OR Private enterprise service

Performance Problems Diagnosed

  • Excess O/S Context Switching
  • Garbage Collection problems
  • Deadlocked threads
  • Waiting on external responses
  • Lack of threads
  • Out of Memory
  • Reading too much from disk
  • Writing too much to disk
  • Inefficient application code
  • And much more!
  • Illuminate shortens time to issue resolution by eliminating entire classes of issues. Instead of spending hours manually eliminating possible causes we can quickly zero in on the real cause of the problem!

    Paul Dale (Principal Architect) Elemica

Cloud and Enterprise Ready

Illuminate is simple to roll out and configure. You only need to install a small, simple Java application (an Illuminate Daemon) on each server that you want to monitor, that’s it!


We provide installation scripts that suit your deployment process. Enjoy a roll-out that takes minutes, not days!

Goodbye Java™ performance problems

Java™ performance problems are often difficult to resolve because of complicated servers, frameworks and the sophisticated nature of the JVM Java™ Virtual Machine - the engine that runs Java™, Scala and other popular languages today itself.


Illuminate cuts through the complexity and tells you exactly what your performance problems are in plain English.

Secure hosted dashboard

Illuminate Daemons connect via std SSL ports back to our secure hosted dashboard. You don’t have to worry about hosting extra infrastructure!


For customers requiring an internally hosted dashboard, we provide a pre-built VM with everything you need!

A friendly user experience

Illuminate’s web UI is easy to use, providing answers in plain English. You won’t have to interpret tons of raw data, drill-down endlessly or interpret complex graphs.


Unanswered question? Please see our FAQ section or contact support.