What data does the Illuminate / Censum as a Service Daemon send back?


NOTE: Censum as a Service is an illuminate module which can be run as a standalone service.  References to Illuminate can be substituted for Censum as a Service if you’re only using that module.

This FAQ documents the information that gets sent back from the daemon to the reporting agent.

Basic hardware information

  • CPU Model
  • Attached PCI Devices
  • Hard Disk Information
  • Total amount of RAM and Swap Space

Performance Analysis Metrics

  • Context Switch Counts
  • Time spent in User/System/Idle
  • Time spent reading and writing to disk
  • Number of processes blocked and runnable

Information required in order to show results

  • Execution Profiles, effectively stack traces with the amount of time spent in each method
  • Aggregated Garbage Collection statistics, e.g. Percentage of time spent paused, longest pause time
  • Machine Metrics for a specific problem, e.g. Amount of time spent writing to disk
  • Information about what locks your program is contending on, e.g. What’s causing a deadlock
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