Goodbye memory leaks and application pauses.

Want to know if you’ve got a memory leak? Want to know why your application is pausing all of the time? Censum is your intelligent tool that takes log files from the complex Java™ (JVM) garbage collection sub-system and gives you meaningful answers.

Censum is designed for busy technologists – it gives you clear infographics and makes recommendations in plain English. Here’s some more detail.

  • FREE upgrades
  • Plain English answers
  • Jargon free, clear infographics
  • Trivial to install and configure
  • Java 6-11+ and all JVM languages
  • Usable in QA/Dev
  • A simple, intuitive UI
  • Parses any GC log, including G1!

Set to 720p and Fullscreen to get the full experience!

Resolve a GC problem in 3 minutes!

Watch our short video on the features and highlights of Censum. See how it quickly it detects common problems such as memory leaks, long pause times, premature promotion and more.

GC Problems detected

  • Long pauses
  • Memory leaks
  • Premature Promotion
  • Memory pools too large or too small
  • And much more!

Expert at your shoulder

Censum is a tool that was shaped by a large community of technologists who genuinely love puzzling over the complexities of Garbage Collection.


Thousands of GC logs have been analysed in the making of Censum ranging from games such as Minecraft, through to large Java enterprise servers.

Compare and contrast logs

Censum comes in two forms. One is a simple Java™ based desktop tool, which busy technologists can use to quickly analyse a garbage collection log.


For larger installations of Java™ (JVM) applications, we have options to allow you to compare and contrast logs across machines and days.

See inside Java™ Garbage Collection

Java™ Garbage Collection (GC) logs provide a window on your GC behaviour that other tools (e.g. MXBeans) simply cannot.


Despite the complex and multi-threaded nature of GC logs, Censum can parse any GC log and will tell you exactly what is going on with your application’s GC in plain English.

A friendly user experience

Garbage collection is one of the most complex areas of the JVM and is often seen as a jargon filled black box. Censum is easy to use, providing infographics and recommendations in plain English.


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