Goodbye memory leaks and application pauses.

Censum as a Service (CaaS) is a new offering for diagnosing Java™ (JVM) memory issues in real-time, at scale! It is packaged as module in Illuminate but is run as a stand-alone service, and is based on the same parsing and analytics engine as Censum, our world leading Java™ (JVM) garbage collection analysis tool.

CaaS allows you to monitor 100/1000s of JVMs with alerting, live views and analytics. This is further backed directly by jClarity’s engineering team who offer extra analysis and recommendations.  Here is some more details:

  • FREE upgrades
  • Alerts sent on breach of SLA
  • SaaS or in-house deployment
  • Trivial to install and configure
  • Java 4-8 + all JVM languages
  • Scales to 1000s+ JVMs
  • Free support, recommendations
  • Heroically parses any GC log!

Expert at your shoulder

Support is provided directly by the engineers who built Censum as a Service. This is a tool that was shaped by a community of technologists who genuinely love puzzling over the complexities of Garbage Collection!


Thousands of GC logs have been analysed in the making of Censum as a Service, ranging from games such as Minecraft, through to large Java enterprise servers.

Monitor all JVMs in a lightweight manner

Censum as a Service (CaaS) can scale to 1000+ JVMs and can take data from a variety of GC log data sources.  The daemon(s) we provide (by default) are extremely lightweight and autoupdate so there’s almost no impact on your team, hosts or your network!


There’s no need to actively monitor JVMs with your team.  When a SLA is breached the correct people are notified by CaaS, with a link directly to the live GC view and the relevant log files.

See inside Java™ Garbage Collection

Java™ Garbage Collection (GC) logs provide a window on your GC behaviour that other tools (e.g. MXBeans) simply cannot.


Despite the complex and multi-threaded nature of GC logs, Censum can parse any GC log and will tell you exactly what is going on with your application’s GC in plain English.

A friendly user experience

Garbage collection is one of the most complex areas of the JVM and is often seen as a jargon filled black box. Censum is easy to use, providing infographics and recommendations in plain English.


Unanswered question? Please see our FAQ section or contact support.