Oracle has changed its licensing and subscription model for Oracle’s Java. For Java™ 8 or 11+, you will now need to choose one of the following options:

  1. Stay on an unsupported/insecure version of Java™
  2. Pay Oracle a subscription fee for Oracle JDK / Java™
  3. Use a drop-in OpenJDK™ distribution and get free LTS binaries for 5+ years!

The jClarity team co-founded AdoptOpenJDK which is the free ($ and usage) OpenJDK distribution replacement for Oracle’s Java backed by major vendors such as Amazon, Azul, GoDaddy, IBM, Microsoft, Pivotal, Red Hat, SAP, and many others.

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Benefits of AdoptOpenJDK via jClarity

Your existing Java™ is a mission-critical piece of technology. We don’t charge per JVM or per Host and you will find that our pricing is very competitive and adds real value to your business. By choosing AdoptOpenJDK support with jClarity you benefit from:

  • A free drop-in replacement for Oracle Java™ that is supported by the whole ecosystem
  • LTS means LTS for 5+ years, not just 6 months support
  • Get support directly from real engineers at AdoptOpenJ?DK and OpenJDK
  • Keep your OpenJDK™ stable and secure
  • Get performance tooling and support for your applications!
  • And much more

Experts at your shoulder

jClarity’s team includes the lead build engineers at AdoptOpenJDK as well as its community leaders.


jClarity has migration guides and the expertise to help you migrate from Oracle JDK and stabilise on AdoptOpenJDK binaries

Supported Platforms and Technologies

  • Linux x86, ARM 32, ARM 64, Solaris, Mac OS X, Windows (x32/x64)
  • Iced Tea Web (Java Web Start Replacement)
  • OpenJFX (Java FX Replacement)

See AdoptOpenJDK Support for further details.

Get extra help and insights!

  • Installation (at scale for on-premise and in the cloud)
  • jClarity’s world-leading performance tools: Censum and Illuminate

A friendly user experience

  • Installation (at scale for on-premise and in the cloud)
  • Security / Stability patches
  • Specific features or backports of features

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