Our Vision

We believe that Java and OpenJDK are a vital piece of public infrastructure for the world at large.  So we’ve dedicated our time and effort to ensure that the industry has free ($ and in use) OpenJDK binaries at AdoptOpenJDK forever.

When it comes to performance analysis and monitoring we believe in focusing on what is important. By using machine learning techniques, we’re able to help build a major part of the modern Cloud with intelligent, lightweight performance analysis tools so IT teams can stop fire-fighting and keep building awesome solutions. We are also performing research into self-healing applications – software healing software is our goal.

Our vision extends beyond Java.  The machine learning techniques we perfect in Java today will be applicable to all languages with managed runtimes tomorrow.

Our Offering

jClarity provides commercial support for AdoptOpenJDK binaries, the drop-in replacement for Oracle’s Java/JDK.

jClarity provides software performance analytics and tuning, driven by machine learning, designed to solve Java performance problems in cloud and desktop environments. Our performance diagnostic engine and machine learning algorithm software is simple to roll out, is designed to work with cloud and on-premise architectures and is an extremely low impact tool, only activating for a few seconds when a diagnosis is requested.

Our machine learning software is supported by training of in-house staff and remote helpdesk support to advise and solve the most difficult problems.

How jClarity came to be

By the start of 2012, Ben and Martijn had completed their first book, The Well-Grounded Java Developer. From that experience, they knew that they wanted to build something that would truly change the Java/JVM landscape.

Ben and Martijn had known Kirk from the conference circuit for several years, spending many hours debating the ins and outs of Java, the JVM and performance tuning. Kirk invited them to teach his world-renowned performance tuning course, and shortly after the three of them put jClarity together with some help from industry advisers.

John was on the top of the list for the deep dive, machine learning technologists we needed to turn Human teaching into provable algorithms. We were also adamant that our products would give clear, meaningful answers and so Kerry joined to make sure our tools are enjoyable to use.  Eileen shortly followed to ensure our customers always had a great experience with us and just recently George joined to help with our AdoptOpenjDK Support story.

  • Ben and Martijn author a best selling Java book

  • Kirk invites Ben and Martijn to teach with him

  • We realise that we can automate performance tuning!

  • jClarity forms to solve industry performance challenges


  • Martijn Verburg
    Martijn Verburg Co-Founder & CEO

    Martijn is a leading expert on software methodology and technical team optimisation with years of experience in running large distributed organisations. You can find him delivering  presentations at major conferences where he challenges the industry status quo as his alter ego The Diabolical Developer.

    He is the co-leader of the London Java Community and leads the global effort for working on Java standards via the Adopt a JSR and Adopt OpenJDK programmes. He was recognised as a Java Champion in 2012 for these contributions.

  • Kirk Pepperdine
    Kirk Pepperdine Co-Founder & CTO

    Kirk has been working in high performance and distributed computing for nearly 20 years. Initially Kirk was architecting, developing, and tuning applications running on Cray and other high performance computing platforms. He now specialises in Java, where he works in all aspects of performance and tuning in each phase of a project life cycle.

    Kirk was recognised as a Java Champion in 2006 in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the Java community.

  • Ben Evans
    Ben Evans Co-Founder & Tech Fellow

    Ben is currently tackling new challenges at a number of financial service organisations as well as writing articles for prominent tech media sites. He remains involved at jClarity as a Board member and Director.

    Whether it’s performance testing the auction servers for the Google IPO, building low-latency financial trading systems, simulating quantum phenomena now being observed at the Large Hadron Collider – Ben is always doing something interesting!

    Ben also sits on the Java Standards Body and was recognised as a Java Champion in 2013, helping ensure that Java is better for everyone!

  • Dr John Oliver
    Dr John Oliver Chief Scientist

    John is a keen developer and Matlab guru.

    John has worked on various platforms from micro controllers, robots, simulations, desktop applications and web services. He has previously worked on static analysis tools and is particularly interested in reducing our reliance on time consuming tools such as unit testing. As Chief Scientist, John also has a special ability to turn raw data into useful machine learned algorithms as well as making our continuous deployment chain just work!

    John holds a PhD in Engineering from Warwick University working on algorithms for coordinating mobile robotic teams.

  • Kerry Kenneally
    Kerry Kenneally UI/Ux Lead

    Kerry is our creative and enthusiastic UI/Ux Designer who’s career has moved back and forth between branding and graphic design to designing interactive user interfaces. She is all about designing creative, functional and smart design that make sites and products accessible to as many people as possible.

    It’s fair to say that Kerry has risen admirably to the challenge of getting the message of good, consistent design to a team who normally focuses topics such as what an Intel SandyBridge CPU L3 cache is doing.

    Like Moss, Kerry is a keen artist and amateur photographer. She also has a slight obsession about food and good beer.

  • Eileen Climie
    Eileen Climie Account Manager

    Eileen makes sure that we meet the very highest standards of customer interaction and support. She has 20 years at a variety of national and international companies, helping customers realise their potential.

    She firmly believes that the strength of the relationship built with the customer in all scenarios is key to making sure they gain the most benefit!

    Eileen lives up in the beautiful land of Scotland and in between friendly phone calls to clients, manages a menagerie of family and pets!

  • George Adams
    George Adams Director of Open Source

    George is a leading contributor at both the Node.js Foundation and at Adopt OpenJDK where he chairs the Technical Steering Committee

    George tackles a large variety of challenges at jClarity including engineering work and commnuity management at AdoptOpenJDK as well as pre sales and marketing for jClarity’s support offering.

jClarity Alumni

  • Dr Richard Warburton
    Dr Richard Warburton (Alumni) Principal Engineer

    Richard is an empirical technologist and solver of deep-dive technical problems. He has worked on data analytics for high performance computing at jClarity and is writing a book on Java 8 Lambdas for O’Reilly.

    He is a leader in the London Java Community, sits on their JCP Committee and organises the Adopt-a-JSR programs for Lambdas and Date and Time in Java 8. Richard is also a known conference speaker, having talked at JavaOne, DevoxxUK, Geecon and JAX London.

    Previously he worked on static analysis problems, verifying part of a compiler and developing automated bug detection technology. He obtained a PhD in Computer Science from The University of Warwick where his research focussed on compiler theory.

    Richard is currently bringing his considerable expertise to the low-latency performance space!

  • Charlie Goulding
    Charlie Goulding (Alumni) Sales Director

    Charlie is an experienced and highly creative Sales Director with an impeccable record of helping customers achieve their goals in medium to large IT businesses. He firmly believes in making relationships with customers as pain free as possible and to get them tools and services they need to solve problems quickly!

    Charlie also lends his expertise with business development managing (at times complex!) routes to market.

    Charlie is also a keen Car enthusiast and is rumoured to have ponds full of Koi at his home….

    We’d like to congratulate Charlie on his new role as a Managing Director of an IT services firm!