Java CPU release on the 16th of April 2019

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Hi all,

At jClarity, we had some questions about the upcoming CPU release for Oracle’s Java and whether OpenJDK providers (like AdoptOpenJDK) will be releasing the same patched binaries in the same time frame. We’ve distilled down the short decision-making process you should go through in order to get the update.

CPU Release by OpenJDK and Oracle JDK

The OpenJDK and 8 and 11 upstream projects led by Red Hat is tagging the same patch set as Oracle on the same day (16th of April). If you have already decided to go to an alternative OpenJDK provider or are considering doing so (we recommend AdoptOpenJDK) then this may be a good time to make the move as you will get the free public update from that provider shortly after the 16th of April!

Steps you should take to update your OpenJDK / Oracle JDK

If you are on Oracle’s Java

  1. Read the likely Java 11.0.3 release notes or the Java 8u212 release notes and assess if you really need any of the fixes.
  2. If you do need the fixes then you can either move to an OpenJDK provider (we recommend AdoptOpenJDK) and get the patches for free or you can contact Oracle and take up a subscription to get the patches in Oracle’s JDK.

    Else if you do not need the fixes then you can stay on your existing version and simply not update.

If you are on OpenJDK from an alternative provider

Simple, you will get the free public update from your provider shortly after the 16th of April.

We hope this short guide was helpful, if there are any questions don’t hesitate to contact our engineering team!

Martijn (CEO) and the jClarity team.

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