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Hi all,

jClarity has long been involved in the Java and OpenJDK communities. Martijn, Kirk, Ben and John are all regular contributors to the Adopt OpenJDK programme, represent the London Java Community on the Java standards body, as well as contributing to several other Java related communities and open source projects.

On the 22nd of April we participated in a Java 9 Hackday, exploring the new modularity system (Jigsaw), the new JRE binary creation tool (jlink) and the new REPL for Java (jshell). This event was co-ordinated by the Virtual Java User Group and included the London Java Community and other Java User Groups from around the world including but not limited to Iceland, South Africa, Australia and Germany!

The recording of this 5 hour session can be found here:

There is an accompanying Adopt OpenJDK jdk9-jigsaw Github repo which holds all of the exercises that you can follow yourself.

Java 9 modularity in particular is a pretty big paradigm shift and you’ll be scratching your head a bit working around Jigsaw’s definition of a module and it’s interaction with packages, classes, reflection and much more. We highly recommend going through the exercises to get a heads up of what’s coming at in mid 2017!

Martijn (CEO) and the jClarity Team

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