Censum 3.0.20 has been released!

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Hello fellow performance tuners!

We are pleased to announce the next minor release of Censum! This release fixes several small issues with parsing of GC logs and adds some new analytics. There is now an analytic giving you guidance on what to set the mixed collection ratio too, in order to meet your pause time goals. There is also a new analytic to determine if there is interference from outside the JVM that’s adding to the overall application stop time.

Release Notes

  • Several minor parsing fixes
  • Added Parsing support for simple PS logs without PrintGCDetails
  • New G1 Mixed Collection Count Analytic
  • Improved High Kernel Times Report – Outside interference detection
  • The sharp eyed amongst you will see the version number is set to 3.0.20 or 3.0.21 – don’t panic this is a side effect of our build system!

Download your free trial today! OR if you are already a customer then you can download the latest version from http://download.jclarity.com using your original purchase email address and UUID.

Contact support@jclarity.com if you need any help.

Martijn (CEO) and the jClarity team.

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