New Censum 2.0.27 Release

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Hi all,

We’ve made another round of important fixes and added some exciting new features (namely support for PrintFLSStatistics, PrintOldPLAB and timezone support for logs with dates.

VERSION NUMBERS: You may have noticed that we have jumped to 2.0.27 from 2.0.25. This is due to our versioning scheme for public vs on-premise customers. Rest assured, you haven’t missed out on anything :-).

Change Log:

  • New support for PrintFLSStatistics flag – this addition improves our parsing accuracy.
  • New support for PrintOldPLAB flag – PLAB stats aren’t a ‘tunable’ we will report on but this addition improves our parsing accuracy.
  • Fixes to PrintReferenceGC flag across multiple collectors – this resolves a number of parsing issues.
  • Several parsing fixes for all collectors under various versions of Java. Individual customers have been notified of their particular fixe(s).
  • Fix for the regression of date/time stamps display option working, sorry about that!
  • Long awaited support for showing date/time stamps in the correct timezone.
  • Various wording improvements to analytics.
  • New kernel time exceeds user time during GC activity analytic.

You can download the latest version from using your original trial/purchase email address and UUID.

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