New Censum Release 2.0.23

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Hi all,

We’ve made another round of important fixes and added some exciting new features (namely a Heap to Small analytic and a CPU Time graph).

VERSION NUMBERS: You may have noticed that we have jumped to 2.0.23 from 2.0.18. This is due to our release system having churn over a new version number in case of a falied release. Rest assured, you haven’t missed out on anything :-).

Change Log:

  • New CPU Summary graph that show CPU time taken by GC events.
  • New G1 Heap too small analytic changed to parsing fixes for G1 logs under Java 1.8.0_40+.
  • Several parsing fixes for G1 logs under Java 1.8.0_40+.
  • Re-enable the information (i) help text on graphs.
  • A parsing fix for Parallell Old log under Java 1.6.

You can download the latest version from using your original trial/purchase email address and UUID.

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