New Censum Release 2.0.18

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Hi all,

We’ve made another round of important fixes (in particular a memory reduction for larger logs) and so we thought we’d let you all know that there’s a new release once more!

VERSION NUMBERS: You may have noticed that we have jumped to 2.0.18 from 2.0.2. This is due to us doing a whole bunch of re-work on our internal build system. Rest assured, you haven’t missed out on anything :-).

Change Log:

  • A reduction in the memory that each Graph takes up!
  • A new analytic warning you if you’ve set your MaxTenuringThreshold above what’s possible.
  • ‘+’ characters are once more allowed in log file names.
  • You can save the current graph to a file from the menu system.
  • The package now unzips into it’s own censum folder, much tider :-).

You can download the latest version from using your original trial/purchase email address and UUID.

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