Our Devoxx BE 2014 schedule!

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Kirk and Martijn will all be presenting on a variety of topics including Performance, Garbage Collection, OpenJDK, Philiosphy of code, Startups, Women in Teschonlogy :-).

We’d love to see you at the talks and are always happy to discuss all things performance related afterwards!

Kirk – CTO

You’ve got the product, now what? [LLG-2213]

Tuesday, Nov 11, 2100 – 2200 – BOF 1

It’s easy to start a company, understanding the hoops you need to jump through to fund it is another. So, lets get together to discuss assignments, dilution, valuations, convertible loans and all the other nasty stuff that keeps us from coding but also pays the bills.

Ignite Talk: Performance tuning, you’re doing it wrong

Thursday, Nov 13, 1300-1400 – BOF
5 minutes, 20 slides auto forwarded – a masterclass in what not to do with regards to performance tuning.

Martijn – CEO

Women and female speakers in the Java ecosystem – How to ameliorate the current situation? [JUB-4846]

Wednesday, Nov 12, 2000 – 2100 – BOF 2
It feels like women still are strongly underrepresented in the Java eco system. It is even worse than in the JavaScript or Python world. Or is this just an illusion? Are the female Java developers there, but just not joining conferences and user groups? What about female speakers at Java conferences?

Part 1) Discussion of multiple issues: – Is this perception correct and, if yes, why is this the case? – Should we address it by promoting women in the Java eco system or should we let the situation “resolve” itself? – Why the amount of female speakers at Java conferences is so small? What can we do about this?

Part 2) The BOF will also propose some projects ideas that may help to improve the situation. Its aim is to come up with concrete ideas and projects (that’s why part 1 will be limited in time).

Ex.: A directory of female speakers in the IT world. Such a project will it make easier for conference committees to find female speakers and it may also inspire more women to become speakers.
Ex.: Speaker mentoring program – get trained by experienced speakers or test yourself with co-trainees in Hangouts.
Your ideas! Be prepared.

The Lean Start-Up Ninja [PVG-6654]

Thursday, Nov 13, 1050 – 1150 – Room 3
Everybody and their dog seems to have a startup these days. Thanks to titles such as "The Lean Startup", there is a race for teams to "iterate, add value, have sprints, and do devops!" For the vast majority of startups, this means a race to WAT, a pileup of technology and business practices that turn the startup into a car crash disaster of tears and recriminations.

Over the past 2 years, the Diabolical Developer has served as both the CTO and CEO of jClarity as well as acting in an advisory capacity to the London startup scene (a.k.a. Silicon Roundabout). In this session, he unveils the truth; showcase several WATs; and, most importantly, tell you what not to do, from bitter firsthand, secondhand, and thirdhand experience.

Ignite Talk: The Diabolical Developer

Thursday, Nov 13, 1300-1400 – BOF
5 minutes, 20 slides auto forwarded – a masterclass in what not to do with regards to being a developer.

The Codeless Code [HGQ-5035]

Thursday, Nov 13, 1750 – 1850 – Room 7
The Diabolical Developer presents an illustrated collection of fables concerning the Art and Philosophy of software development, written in the spirit of Zen kōans. Some of the sample Koans include:

The 1000 words
The Palace of Infinite Pain
Roses are Red

The audience will float away, once more at peace with themselves and the practice of software engineering.

Adopt OpenJDK BOF [SSD-5392]

Thursday, Nov 13, 1900 – 2000 – BOF 2
"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" was famously said by the Wizard of Oz, but in our day-to-day lives as developers how often do we think about the code behind our proverbial development platform curtain? Many people know that OpenJDK is the open source reference implementation for the JDK, but how many of us take the time to explore the inner-workings of the platform that we build our applications upon? We believe that every developer can learn something by doing so.

Whether you want to explore the source code and perhaps see how lambdas have been implemented in JDK 8, or hack on the JDK itself and learn how to make that modification to HashMap that you’ve always dreamed of, or even learn how you can help to make it easier for fellow developers to contribute code to upstream Oracle repos, then we’ve got you covered. Come and join us for an evening of OpenJDK exploration, and learn how you can explore and contribute to the future of Java in a very practical fashion.

Annual Java User Group Network Fest [GDE-5639]

Thursday, Nov 13, 2000 – 2100 – BOF 1
This BOF is a great excuse to meet face 2 face with all the other User Group leaders and enjoy a few beers afterwards 🙂

We look forward to seeing you there!
Martijn & Kirk

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