Censum 2.0.0 Released – with Java 8 Support and G1 Analysis!

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Hi all,

Censum 2.0.0 has been released to the wild! It includes the all-important support for Java 8 logs and has analytics and graphs and metrics a plenty for the new G1 collector!

Change Log

  • G1 Support with all of the graphs detailing each part of the G1 collector lifecycle.
  • Full Java 8 Support.
  • Safe pointing / Application Stop time report/graph
  • Recovery rate graph
  • GC Cause graph
  • Log Duration Report
  • Metaspaces graph for Java 8
  • Fix for PrintApplicationStoppedTime, should be PrintGCApplicationStoppedTime
  • Lots of other small improvements and specialist graphs for individual collectors
  • Misc. license server fixes

Some Screenshots

A quick peek at the summary screen for a G1 log + some recovery rate and reference processing stats – find out exactly where your G1 collector is spending it’s time!

Just click on the image to get the full version in a new window



G1 Summary

Reference Processing

Recovery Rate

Existing Customers

You’ll be upgraded for free as per your yearly license agreement! Just re-download your copy of Censum using the same email address and UUID’s of each copy you purchased.

For Floating license customers, we’ll shortly be in touch for a custom download of your client and license server (if applicable).

New monthly pricing, a change in trial length and a contact from our engineers.

To coincide with the release of Censum 2.0.0 we have also added a monthly pricing option to suit those customers who prefer the flexibility of monthly billing. The yearly license will of course continue to be offered at a significant discount to the monthly pricing.

We’re also reducing the length of trial down to 7 days as we found that a vast majority of you were satisfied within a week.

We’re also offering to have one of our engineering team contact you within that first week and discuss how jClarity and Censum can help with your specific application(s).

Martijn (CEO) and the jClarity Team!

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