New Censum Release 1.3.11

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Hi all,

We’ve released the next Bug GA version of Censum rewall, there are a host of other small improvements from the 1.3.2 series that most of you will have, the most important being that you can now open up multiple copies of Censum on the same desktop (for you power users).

Change Log:

  • Fixed a date formatting issues for logs with datestamps on but missing periods.
  • Added new parsing rules for obscure iCMS records, Parallel remarks .
  • Some minor wording cleanups.
  • Made Datestamp vs Timestamp UI option sticky between logs.
  • Allow users to open up more than one copy of Censum on a desktop.
  • Bumped Http lib for phone home.

You can download the latest version from using your original trial/purchase email address and UUID.

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