New jClarity Release UI 1.0.36 / Daemon 1.0.19

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Hi all,

We’ve released the next major version of jClarity which removes the need to open up port 54321 as an outbound socket in your firewall, added the much asked for Thread Names as well as a host of other small improvements.

  • Moved Daemon <--> Reporting Agent / Dashboard Communications to websockets.
  • Improved user experience on the provisioning site.
  • Added initial time budgeting probes and instrumentation support. We’ll be inviting Beta users towards the end of April for this feature.
  • Added new logo for upcoming rebranding of the jClarity product.
  • Fixed incorrect units being displayed for GC reports.
  • Added the Daemon version to the UI as a tooltip.
  • Added thread names to any reports/analysis showing thread dumps/details.
  • Misc small CSS tidy-ups for you OCD people out there :-).
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