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Built for the Cloud.

Works in the Enterprise.

Goodbye Java™
performance problems

Low impact. Easy install. Minimal configuration.

Why you should use JClarity_customer_logo

Built for the Cloud

jClarity solves performance problems in cloud environments. It is simple to roll out and is designed to work with cloud architectures.


Transitioning to the cloud? Use jClarity to solve problems in the enterprise today.

Increase up-time and revenue

Even small performance problems means lost customers and lost revenue, as well as increased data center and hosting costs!


With jClarity, you immediately see what the problem is in plain English, along with suggested solutions.

Light-weight, Low impact

jClarity is there to solve performance problems, not add to them! It is an extremely low impact tool that is dormant by default.


It doesn’t waste your resources, only activating for a few short seconds when a diagnosis is requested.

A selection of our happy customers

  • jClarity shortens time to issue resolution by eliminating entire classes of issues. Instead of spending hours manually eliminating possible causes we can quickly zero in on the real root of the problem.

    Paul Dale (Prinicpal Architect)Elemica
  • Censum truly is the best of breed in garbage collection log analysers. It takes the step beyond just raw data into the informative advice arena. I've probably saved a man-month of analysis time in my first year!

    Dan Hardiker (CTO)Adaptivist

Friends of JClarity_customer_logo

Our welcoming community, populated by Java™ performance experts.

Community is at the heart of everything we do.

Our team are all heavily involved in the Java community as Java Champions, User Group Leaders, Speakers, Authors and contributors to Open Source projects. Join us at Friends of jClarity!

  • Exchange war stories, knowledge and findings with 1000+ of your peers.
  • Get early access to special editions of our tools & tech previews.
  • Apply for special free licensing for non-commercial open source projects and academia.
  • Hack with us on a host of open source projects we share with the world.

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